Call for submissions: XV Puerto Rican Congress on Research in Education, College of Education – UPR (2019)

The digital age proposes new teaching and learning approaches that respond to the current and future needs of students at different educational levels. It is a challenge to transform and restructure educational systems to develop learning and knowledge. Technologies bring different contexts and meanings to learning models and instructional strategies, thus giving insight for the integration of new learning benefits that will shape the educational system. The biggest challenge is to ensure a high quality education for all, based on an innovative, open and flexible learning.

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The XV Puerto Rican Congress of Research in Education is an international event that invites professors, researchers, teachers, administrators, students, and other interested persons to submit proposals for the presentation of works on:

  • Higher education: Changes and trends
  • K-12 Education: Strategies, projects and virtuality
  • Possibilities for early childhood in a changing world
  • Research and evaluation changes in the models
  • Inclusion, quality, equity and social justice
  • Administration, infrastructure and connectivity
  • Internationalization: Modalities and access

The Congress invites the academic community and the general public to participate in a profound and comprehensive discussion on the subject: Education, Innovation and Technologies: Teaching and Learning in the digital age. Proposals are accepted in English and Spanish.

Information required to submit the proposal:

  • Name (s) of the author (s) of the work and the name of the presenter
  • Postal address, telephone, email
  • Institution, agency or organization that represents
  • Title of presentation
  • Summary of the work to be presented (5000 characters)
  • Format (individual presentation, panel discussion or poster)
  • Academic and professional presenter data
  • Endorsement of a teacher (if you are a student)

If your proposal is accepted, you will have the option of submitting a longer writing for publication, which should include a 150-word summary and a list of descriptors, both in Spanish and English.

For more information or submit a proposal, visit the website of the XV Congress at

Deadline to submit proposals: November 16, 2018